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Keynote Speaker



Director of Education – International Expertise | IB Programmes


Director of IB World School, Middle East | Head of International Language College, UK | IB Workshops in all 3 IB Regions – f2f, virtual and online| Author of School Leadership Website | Lead workshop developer for IB.



An IB Lead Educator:

  • Chair of IB evaluation visits – synchronised and multi-programme

  • IB workshop facilitator (online and f2f): Administrators Cat 1+2; Leadership Pathway suite (Continuum Category 3), WIAIBE (Continuum Category 3), Approaches to Teaching and Learning (DP Category 3), Pedagogical Leadership (DP Category 3), Head of School (Continuum Category 1), Leading the Learning (Continuum Categories 1+2).

  • IB trainer of workshop leaders: co-author of training for IB workshop leaders (Leading the learning 1 & 2 2020, WIAIBE 2021; Role of Coordinator and Planning for programme evaluation 2021).

  • IB trainer of IBEN visitors: Programme leader and Evaluation leader (2021), new authorised visits (2021-2022)

  • IB lead workshop developer (Head of School (2019) | Leading the Learning (2019) | The Role of the Coordinator (2020) | Evaluating your programme (2020); Co-author of online Nanos to support PSPs (2019- 2020), Role of Coordinator (2021), Planning for programme evaluation (2021), new IB leadership suite of six workshops (2021-2022)

  • Speaker at global conferences including NESA Leadership Abu Dhabi, and IB Global Vienna.


Private Consultant to IB World Schools globally e.g., in the year before the pandemic, I worked in schools in Gaborone, Moscow, Islamabad, Barcelona, Jeddah, Dusseldorf, Mostar, Quito & Yerevan.



  • Author of In Thinking’s website for IB School Leaders.

  • Author of 20+ textbooks for all stages in secondary schools.

  • Editor of books on educational leadership ‘Establishing New Schools’ (2015), ‘Schools of Human Flourishing’ (2016) and ‘Establishing International Schools’ (2017).

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