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Nordic Network Leadership Conference, Gdansk 2024

Learning Focused Leadership- Leading a Positive Culture to Impact Learning

When you visit a school for the very first time, one that is focussed on positive learning
outcomes, you can almost feel the sense of purposefulness, the sense of positivity and
commitment to learn and grow. There is an air of mutual respect from faculty and
learners, with clear expectations of who they are and why they are there.
This is a positive school culture, the kind that improves educational outcomes.
Yet, until more recently organisational culture has been largely overlooked and one of
the least discussed elements of student achievement, it is much more likely that schools
talk about close monitoring of student progress or curriculum review. It seems “culture”
is regarded as an environmental factor rather than an educational one, much like the
weather and something beyond human control.

However, this is simply just not true!

During this interactive keynote/workshop presentation, participants will have the
opportunity to explore their own school culture and how they, as leaders, can influence
school culture and, in turn, impact learning. Drawing on research from Simon Sinek,
Erin Meyer, Geert Hofstede, David Price and John Hattie together with our collective
experience and wisdom, this two-day professional learning opportunity will offer
participants a hands-on approach to the practical application of how they can influence
culture in their own school and so impact learning. Each session is independent yet
interdependent of each other, enhanced by trusted round table discussion with peers to
give context, depth of conversation and reflection, allowing all participants the
opportunity to make meaning for their own school and consider what might be the next

steps in creating an action plan focussed on their school culture and impact on learning.

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