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Conference Programme

Thursday 18 April


08:00-08:15  Arrival

08:15-09:00  AGM

09:00-09:15  Break

09:15-10:30  Session 1: What do we mean by Positive Culture. Presenter Helen O'Donoghue

10:30-11:00  Break 

11:00-12:30  Session 2:  Developing Trusted Relationships with your Team through a 'Circle of Safety'. Presenter  Helen O'Donoghue


12:30-13:15  Lunch (Provided by the Nordic Network in the hotel dining room)


13:15-14:30  Networking - Topic Based

14:30-14:45  Break

14:45-16:30  Session 3: What does this mean for leadership? Presenter Helen O'Donaghue


Friday 19 April


08:45-09:00  Arrival

09:00-10:30  Session 4 Creating an Effective Wellbeing Plan to support colleagues and school.  Presenter Helen O'Donoghue

10:30-11:00  Break

11:00-12:30  Networking/Job alike


12:30-13:15  Lunch (Provided by the Nordic Network in the hotel dining room)


13:15-14:45  Session 5:  Making It Stick! Presenter Helen O'Donoghue

14:45-15:00  Break

15:00-15:30  What Plenary: So What Now, What Next?  Facilitator Helen O'Donoghue

15:30.           Conference ends

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