The Nordic Network of International Schools is delighted to inform you that we will be running a Digital Teachers Conference on November 12-13. The conference was originally scheduled to be held last year at Futuraskolan International School Kottla in Stockholm but was cancelled due to the pandemic. Unfortunately, we are still not at a point where we can travel widely, so the Board has decided to hold a digital conference in November instead of cancelling again. Although we are disappointed that  we cannot meet in person, we are pleased that we have arranged for two prominent international educators to speak to you. We will present a scaled down version of our usual conference. 


On Friday, November 12, Abdul Chohan will be presenting a lecture and workshop, “Inspire and Enthuse with Digital Learning”   The session will inspire attendees on how technology can be used to build efficiencies into learning. Strategies will be shown on digitising verbal feedback, video modelling and so much more. Abdul is an expert in this field and an inspiring speaker and person. We are fortunate to have him join us for what should be a very topical session for the times we are living in.


On Saturday, November 13, Terry Small, “the brain guy,” will be presenting two separate lectures/workshops; one focusing on the brain and learning and one on health and well being. Terry is an internationally acclaimed presenter, and we are excited that he is able to join us.


Although this is a scaled down version of our usual conferences and will be digital in nature, we are excited that we can provide these amazing presenters to our Nordic Network members. Those of you who have been fortunate enough to see Terry previously will know what an inspiration he truly is.