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Geoff Petty

Evidence Based Teaching 

Teaching is about to embark on a revolution, and like medicine, abandon both custom and practice, and fashions and fads, to become more evidence-based.

Half a million rigorous experiments in real classrooms have uncovered the teaching methods that work best. These methods are capable of almost doubling the rate of learning compared to conventional practice.

The methods have been tested at every academic level and in almost every subject and usually work in all these contexts.  The methods – some old, some new:

●can each raise pass rates by 20% to 30%

●are creative, challenging, and greatly enjoyed by students

●require the learner to do more in class …. and the teacher less!

●equip students for progression, by “teaching intelligence”.



Evidence Based Teaching 

These methods largely follow the advice cognitive psychologists give for deep learning. They set challenging but enjoyable tasks for students and get them to engage in dialogue to improve their understanding. More than this, they provide plenty of continuous feedback to both teacher and learners, so that learning is continually checked and improved.

Interestingly, research on the teachers who achieve the very best ‘value-added’ scores, in the top one percent of their profession, are often found to use these methods intuitively.

Geoff believes that any teacher can become an outstanding teacher, they just need to learn well, how to use outstanding teaching methods. So why don’t you join the revolution. The journey is rewarding, interesting, and fun for both you, and your students.