WORKSHOP Description

The Learning Opportunity Garage

“If you do everything for me or tell me all the answers I will forget tomorrow.” — Amaia Escudero, 10-year-old.

For most educators, tomorrow is an optimistic and exciting concept. But in a world with increasing global abundance, where anybody can learn anything, at any time, anywhere, the real challenge today for educators and parents is to prepare kids for the many possible futures of tomorrow. 

With this realization in mind, our family has undergone a transformative journey that has shifted our mindset to one that has tremendous respect for the power and capacity of children to learn by doing,  to understand the world as it is so they can create the world that ought to be. 

We are on a mission to empower teachers and parents around the world to develop the patience to facilitate critical thinking and avoid stealing precious learning opportunities. 

These series of workshops will empower you with tools to distinguish teachable moments from learning opportunities. When this happens learning communities flourish because clear thinking (which happens through individual learning) leads to good decisions that create the right habits. Ultimately helping children build the character they need to design their own blueprint for a very different future.


Session 1: Understanding future opportunities

One needs to understand possible futures in order to prepare children for it.

Session 2: Questioning assumptions

In a world of rapid and increasing change, the rules that applied in the past can no longer rule how we create tomorrow. 

Session 3: Letting go to let grow

Through curiosity and experimentation children can learn HOW to think instead of WHAT to think.


After this magical experience facilitated by parents and their 3 children you will:

Understand the power of moments

Have a more active role in creating the future

Teach in a more conscious and intentional way

Develop a renewed sense of respect for children’s ability

Gain tools to teach less and guide more (get out of the way)