WORKSHOP Description
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Lotte Paarup

Breathing as the motor

With Lotte Paarup and Sigrid Mitchell


If you feel tired, stressed or are lacking endurance then it is very likely that your breathing is not optimal.

Our cells live from oxygen and we breath about 20.000 times a day, if that breathing is compromised then your whole body is compromised. Daily life in schools demands extreme energy from both the brain and the body, breathing is a magical tool that immediately helps us to navigate and deal with demanding situations throughout the day.

Breathing is a readily available and free tool that we can all use and by learning simple techniques we can regulate our nervous system, so it will improve concentration, learning and ability to be present as well as regulate stress.


The workshop will equip you with simple tools to optimize your daily work through breathing and help you to help your students to have better concentration and presence for learning through breathing.


This workshop will look at the natural breathing pattern, the brain, as well as the Vagus nerve and the contribution they make to improved quality of movement and performance. It will be a mix of theory about the natural breathing pattern, the brain as well as the Vagus nerve and exercises stimulating the proprioception and the interoception to optimize breathing and the function of the brain.

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Sigrid Mitchell