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Ben Ward

Leading a learning community

“The teacher’s role in this journey is to ‘model advance learning’. They are there as a mentor, a guide, a coach, and most importantly, a co-learner.”  –  Glenn Chickering, Head of Faculty at Green School, Bali

The purpose of our time together will be to explore how you can lead and build a learning community in your own unique way.

To do this we will use the Co-Active leadership model as a framework to explore new ways of leading, as a leadership development tool, to unlock different approaches when you are stuck and to develop your listening skills so you can act on what you sense is needed.

Leading a learning community

Workshop 1: Creating the learning space & Introducing the model

Workshop 2: Exploring your Leader Within

Workshop 3: Exploring your Leader from the Front & Leader from Behind

Workshop 4: Exploring your Leader from Beside & Leader from the Field

Workshop 5: Working with your shadow

Workshop 6: Being in the leadership dance

Leading a learning community

You will leave this learning experience with:

• with a new perspective on leadership

• a greater understanding of your own leadership

• equipped with tools, insights and action to develop your own leadership practice

• energised to lead and build your learning community

• committed to share and evolve with other educators in the Nordic Network