Lene Jensby Lange, Thorbjørn Bergqvist & Emma Boch

If you believe in a model where learning is something you facilitate and you get curious and you explore, you co-create, you collaborate, then we need spaces that also communicate that narrative and we need spaces that can work as a tool for that.

What might future-focussed learning environments look like? How does it impact teaching and learning – and not least well-being and inclusion?

Through six sessions we take a collaborative deep-dive into inspiring learning environments and creatively explore how we might use it to strengthen the learning experiences of all students.

Session 1: Learning Space Detectives

Introduction to learning spaces through the eyes of the students – an invitation to a learning walk at CIS unfolding all your learning detectives skills.

The session will be led by Thorbjørn Bergqvist and Emma Bock.

Session 2: Learning Spaces for the Future

inspirational talk, opening the field of learning space design and how it links with the learning culture and how we learn.

The session will be led by Lene Jensby Lange.


Session 3: Learning Space Design Lab

You are invited to come play with Autens’s internationally recognized Learning Space Design Lab, selected by the Finnish organization HundrED among Hundred Global Innovations 2017-18 + 2019.

In teams we will co-create rapid and inspiring prototypes of future-oriented learning environments through through the lense of learning communities.

Session 4: Teacher and student roles in changing learnscapes

Continuing on from the morning session we will explore the implication for teaching and learning cultures.


Session 5:  Your own learning space design challenge

Team up with a collegue and explore the potential of an area of your choice – outdoor learning environments, specialist rooms, teacher preparation rooms etc

Session 6: Building a strategy for change

Drawing on the collective knowledge and experience of the group how might we build fun and engaging strategies for sustainable change in pedagogical practice with learning space design as a driver?


You will leave these sessions with a very active understanding of the role learning spaces can play in students learning and well-being, and how spaces can facilitate a desired learning culture, adding to your didactic toolbox and creative ideas.

As an added bonus you will leave with a very hands-on, collaborative, creative and engaging learning experience which might inspire new ways of developing thinking and understanding in your own classroom.

Please note that as we move through the sessions we might decide to change the focus of one or more of the sessions, building on where the valuable discussions seem to flow during our joint learning journey.