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Geoff Petty

The importance of learning communities​.

Author of ‘Teaching Today’ a best selling UK teacher training text. 

He has a reputation for explaining learning and teaching issues in a down to earth, but lively and inspiring way.

He has delivered whole-day training events in over 500 colleges. His work has been translated into six languages including Chinese and Russian.

He is also author of 'Evidence Based Teaching', 'How to Teach Even Better’, and ‘How to be Better at Creativity’. 

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The Learning Gypsies

A blueprint for the future of education.


Traveling the world in search of unique education.

Meet the Learning Gypsies Hazel Swayne and Iñaki Escudero with family.

We are a New York based family extremely frustrated with the education system. As educators, we want to find the best way to improve the way kids learn, today.