Iñaki Escudero


Cultivating curiosity for 50 years, he explores the “whys” beyond the bounds of rational thought. Father of five, runner and Lego builder. Global Speaker and Facilitator. Curator of awesome content via The One Thing. Founder of The Mutant Gene. Reading 1 book a week for the last 7 years. Born in Spain, made in NYC. Fluent in Spanish and English, currently learning Portuguese.


Hazel Swayne


Devoted to finding solutions to interesting challenges. Especially in the space of learning and development. Dancer and techy; Hazel is the Director of Tailored Solutions for Hyper Island. Her mission in life is to help everyone learn what they need to reach their fullest potential. Mom to 5 kids between the ages of 5 and 12, you can call her “Juggler.” Born in Peru, made in Brooklyn, NY.Fluent in Spanish, English, and Portuguese currently learning code.

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Sigrid Mitchell

Sigrid qualified as a Physiotherapist in April 2004, has worked as a physiotherapist within the Local Education Authority assessing and training children with delayed motor skill development, and equipping parents with the tools to provide training at home to support their individual child.

She has also taught in a Danish folkeskole teaching primarily Physical Education and some classroom based subjects. The last 8  years she has been working as a self employed physiotherapist providing treatment training and workplace evaluations in various firms in collaboration with CopenFysio,  Healthgroup and Intelligent Krop, as well as running her own clinic.

She has a neurological approach to training and recovery, developed through Z health performance advanced  certification

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Lotte Paarup

Lotte  is the founder of  Den Intelligente Krop.

She is a physiotherapist and has since 1993 worked with training, health and well-being for the whole family.

For many years, Lotte has taught exercise and movement in both Denmark and abroad. She lectures and courses, and she develops exercise and movement material for companies and organizations. In addition, Lotte has made a large number of training programs for TV over time. Lotte has also released a large number of training DVDs. Lotte's experiences are also found in several books on exercise.

Today, Lotte´s expertise is breathing. She has published 3 books on breathing and 2 DVD´s. You can read more about these on åndedrættet.nu

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Morten Gantzler Oschlag

Psychological Consultant at the Psychological Resource Center

Teaches at Søstjerneskolen, Copenhagen

Former teacher at Dansekapellet

Former  project worker at the Psychological Resource Center

Former Performing Arts Teacher at Copenhagen International School

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David Ferguson

David Ferguson - Design Teacher


I am a qualified designer and teacher in both digital and product design with many years experience teaching a broad range of Design related fields. Over the past 11 years I have learnt to work with a large range of tools within Design and have developed a clear understanding about the fundamentals of Design thinking. In the past 8 years I have been working with Copenhagen International School as an MYP Design teacher, developing curriculum for both Digital and Product Design.

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Andy Coddington

Andy Coddington


Andy is on a perpetual search for flow and wants to bring this search into the conversation of what defines education in the present and the future.  Working with teachers and schools, he is helping bring the focus of learning to the individual, specifically looking at an individual's experience with education.  Students should leave school knowing that their time was well spent and relevant to their ability to contribute to the global community.  Teachers should be inspired and celebrated for their creativity.  While in school, we should all be unleashing our own Flow potential, understanding why finding Flow matters for our overall sense of being and personal satisfaction.  Andy recently founded Searching for Flow and is currently finding flow teaching third grade, writing articles, leading workshops, presenting at conferences and being a father of three.  

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