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Geoff Petty

Author of ‘Teaching Today’ a best selling UK teacher training text. 

He has a reputation for explaining learning and teaching issues in a down to earth, but lively and inspiring way.

He has delivered whole-day training events in over 500 colleges. His work has been translated into six languages including Chinese and Russian.

He is also author of 'Evidence Based Teaching', 'How to Teach Even Better’, and ‘How to be Better at Creativity’. 

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Kristen Pelletier

Kristen holds a BS in Special Education and an MA in K-12 Educational Administration and brings 27 years of experience teaching and leading inclusive programs.  Early career experiences included teaching in public school in Maine, and working in residential adult development programs. She taught at the International School of Brussels and was Director of Student Support Services for 11 years.  She is a founding Director and Design Team Member of the Next Frontier Inclusion collaborative, is a trainer for the Teacher Training Center, and Education Across Frontiers. Presently, Kristen is an educational consultant, coach, trainer and co-creator driven by the mission of supporting international schools along their journey toward exemplary inclusive cultures that support learning of individuals, and organizations. 

Redefining Access - Creating Opportunities for Inclusion to Thrive!

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Ben Ward

Ben works as executive coach, change facilitator and leadership trainer. He specialises in evoking powerful self leadership, and in creating safe and courageous spaces for new ways of working to emerge.

Ben has been responsible for the Driving Transformation course at Hyper Island, which supports leaders across the globe in bringing real change to their organisations. Ben also works as a coach and change consultant for companies such as Danske Bank, Alfa Laval, Swedbank and AQA as well as different International Schools.

Ben worked for many years at the Copenhagen International School as a Mathematics Teacher,

Dean of Students, Creator of their major CAS project Team Peru and Student Leadership Coordinator.

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Lene Jensby Lange, Thorbjørn Bergqvist & Emma Boch

Autens is a leading, yet unusual Danish education consultancy with a global reach. Autens’s mission is to reimagine, inspire & transform education in meaningful ways for all, co-created with teachers & students. Their passionate team inspires dreams, facilitates change, shapes school architecture, designs learning spaces, and learn with clients & collaborators from all over the world as they move forward with schools, school districts, government initiatives & international partners.


Lene Jensby Lange, founder & CEO, also leads the Global Schools' Alliance, a network of some of the worlds' most inspiring schools. Thorbjørn is a long-time key player on the Autens team and Emma, student consultant, with her 19 years is already an experienced speaker and consultant in 21st century learning design, having worked intensively with the field since 8th grade, commissioned by Microsoft Education, The Ministry for Education and a range of schools and municipalities. 

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Sveinung Skaalnes & Alex Neuman

Alex Neuman, Learning Strategist and co-founder of Colearn, has a back in non-formal learning, training and peace education. Former Head of Learning Design at Hyper Island, co-author of HI Toolbox and educational specialist with CISV International.

Sveinung Skaalnes, Learning Strategist and co-founder of Colearn, has a background in education, business and product development. He is the Former Head of Digital Products & Services and Lead on Online Courses at Hyper Island. Founding Director of Google’s 30 Weeks Design Incubator. Co-founder of SKAP Creative Folk High School in Mandal, Norway.


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