Transport : Metro, direct from airport to City (M2)

The Metro M2 line runs from the airport to Vanløse through the City connecting at Nørreport with S trains. The M1 from Vanløse to the Bella Centre and Ørested where the largest shopping centre in Scandinavia,  Fields is located.

Cityringen M3 is a completely new metro line that rings the city and  opens September 29th 2019.

Unfortunately it is not until  the beginning of 2020 the two stations of the Nordhavn extension, M4 Nordhavn and Orientkaj, located by the side of Copenhagen International School,  will be linked to Cityringen.  In 2024 the Sydhavn extension of M4 will be added

Metro information

Metro Map Copen.png

Parking at Levantkaj

The parking lot is located at Copenhagen International School.
Parking Levantkaj is a temporary terrain parking lot at Levantkaj in Nordhavn with 120
parking spaces.
Parking Rates
At the parking facility it is possible to pay for parking by credit card in the payment machine
or via the following parking apps: EasyPark, Apcoa Flow and ParkMan.
First 30 min. free of charge
Monday - Sunday at. 07.00 - 17.00: 18.00 / hour*
Monday - Sunday at. 17.00 - 07.00: 9.00 / hour*
Max. daily rate is DKK 120.00 * per night. 24 hours a day.