WORKSHOP Description

Bringing Digital and Product Design together


This will be a hands on workshop for teachers to learn how to bring the digital and product design worlds together using CAD and a pulse lazer.

The workshop will be limited to 15 teachers with some Adobe Illustrator Experience and preferably for those that teach in an art or design field.

In this workshop we will discuss and explore the concept of using CAD programs and tools to transfer digital designs into physical products.

I will lead you through the process of turning a hand drawn image into a digital file that will then be cut out and engraved with our top of the line pulse lazer machine.

This workshop is especially ideal for any teachers that might want to introduce this kind of technology and tools to their school program.

SPECIAL NOTE: Those interested in this workshop will need to have Adobe Illustrator downloaded on their person computer. If you don’t have it, you can download a free 7 day trial here: